5 Tracks From The Archive

Broot Force Music is moving up in dedication and all that, but we know that old free music always makes people happy! Here are 5 older tracks featuring Deuce G!

Supa Ty – Aint Sh*t (Featuring Deuce G)

Boss Game – Ball Hard (Featuring Deuce G)

Deuce G & T-Higgz – None Of Yall Better

Deuce G & T-Higgz – Just Another Day

Deuce G – 2 Years

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DeuceG About Owner: Milo Martinovich (aka Deuce G) is the owner of Broot Force Music. He started BFM with the idea to take his music, as well as others in the group, to the top of the industry through internet popularity! Milo Martinovich on Google+

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