Deuce G – Take Me Away (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

The owner of Broot Force Music, Deuce G, dropped a new track today called Take Me Away, produced by Sinima at Listen, download, and share with your friends. Also, don’t forget to check Deuce G out on his social profiles!

Verse 1:
take me away make me a happy man
in middle of the ocean where i cant see land
where i can handle anything like i had three hands
im livin in a dream til someone slaps me damn
searching for truth and have no reason to pray
god wont help me so im embracing my demons today
its the truth so what else is a heathen to say
internal battles happen and i just bleed in the fray
im looking for the one to save me and take me
they’ve hated and snaked me they grade me and make me
crazy so insane runnin naked n shaking
my reality fallin from the balance beam chasing
my last grip on sanity oh how can it be
stuck in agony tragedy livin by no strategy
floatin randomly driftin off the planet no gravity
tryna live happily take me away rapidly

Verse 2:
20 years have passed and i have nothin to show
mad as fuck just lookin for somethin to throw
people dont care they just come n then go
so im trying for fame get my budget to grow
i put in all my effort and no one pays attention
make a whole music collection to strive for affection
but ive learned the lesson no one wants the connection
i want it so bad tho its become a fuckin obsession
n im stuck with the questions that never have answers
i need to be taken away it needs to happen faster
gotta get away from the pain and find the laughter
and find a place where i actually fuckin matter
lifes a distaster where the fuck is my relief fund
they say have faith but all my beliefs done
i dont just kick rocks i fuckin live beneath one
got so much pain so take me away and relieve some

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DeuceG About Owner: Milo Martinovich (aka Deuce G) is the owner of Broot Force Music. He started BFM with the idea to take his music, as well as others in the group, to the top of the industry through internet popularity! Milo Martinovich on Google+

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