Deuce G – Who Am I (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

A brand new track from Deuce G, titled Who Am I, is now being released for free download. This is the first new track by the owner of Broot Force Music since his release of Hopeless & Lost, The Mixtape, on April 1st of this year. Enjoy the new track, download it, share it with your friends, and leave a comment! Song is produced by Primestars. For more hot beats, check them out at

Verse 1:
no introduction if you dont know me you will
i aint famous shit i just flow free for thrills
dont like groupies u dont gotta blow me to chill
i was a normal guy til my mic showed me to kill
now im flowin for real but i aint so happy
wont fake so slap me wont break so clap me
im tryna have fun girl shake that fatty
make me happy make it jump wiggle quake im wacky
im tryin to find me but theres no milo on the map
so im gulping bottles tryna find a silo full of that
no friends to help me im stuck layin on the ground
with the worlds smallest violin playin all the sounds
so im gazin at the moon and playing all my tunes
decayin like a prune death prayin it comes soon
stay slayin with my goons n swayin from the booze
wishin my name was famous always stayin in the news

who am i im caught in a jam
who am i just another lost man
who am i ill never know damn
can someone please tell me who i am

Verse 2:
if life is full of struggle im livin for eternity
u hurtin me purposely show no fuckin courtesy
got fucked up circuitry certainly no certainty
live earnestly urgently its not workin perfectly
im helpless being selfless in a world so selfish
feelin toxic like a pregnant girl eatin shellfish
im tryin to make it work but shit aint happenin
kuz life gets hard and i wanna quit rap again
always on the bench so y keep fuckin practicin
cancelin my babblin life is what im tacklin
rationin my ramblin for someone that has passion
im talkin love above the riches and the fashion
share all my feelings with cryin wishin laughin
smile when im passin love when im smashin
i havent found u yet so im lookin at the star light
cryin myself to sleep on another fuckin hard night

About the author

DeuceG About Owner: Milo Martinovich (aka Deuce G) is the owner of Broot Force Music. He started BFM with the idea to take his music, as well as others in the group, to the top of the industry through internet popularity! Milo Martinovich on Google+

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