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Broot Force Music is going to the next level slowly, but surely! Of course, we need to connect to our fans to get anywhere in this industry because we would be nothing without you. So, to do that, we want you to join us on the major social sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube! Join our over 800 Twitter followers, 300 Facebook fans, and 100 Youtube subscribers. While those numbers are low right now, we are definitely making them rise and are going hard for the top! So, while you wait for some new music and new members to join BFM, join us, get social, and share our site with your friends on each site! We appreciate any bit of support we get!

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DeuceG About Owner: Milo Martinovich (aka Deuce G) is the owner of Broot Force Music. He started BFM with the idea to take his music, as well as others in the group, to the top of the industry through internet popularity! Milo Martinovich on Google+

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