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Deuce G

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Deuce G

Deuce G is the creator of Broot Force Music, and also a rap artist, producer, self taught sound engineer, and internet marketer. He came up with the idea of Broot Force Music when he saw many underground/independent groups starting to take advantage of the internet and social sites to create a big name for themselves. He aimed to create a group that could do the same thing. With his internet marketing skills, he possesses what is needed to take Broot Force Music to the top of the music industry in time! He is also very dedicated to rap music and producing instrumentals now as well, which was something lacking from his musical career before. He plans on marketing full time for BFM as well as offering his marketing services to other musicians that come to the site to see the services. He also plans on being one of the main producers and rap artists as well. He will be offering a cheap mixing service as well, at least until he learns more and more about audio engineering to be able to charge more. With the dedication that Deuce G has, BFM is in good hands and has everything it needs in its leader to make it big!

Cornell Younge

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NEWSOUNDBEATZ (Cornell Younge) is a Hip-Hop producer from Lithonia, Georgia. He is the owner and founder of NEWSOUNDBEATZ.NET, and co-founder of TheViceroiz, a music/promotion group (w/Big J The Destroyer). NEWSOUNDBEATZ is known for being versatile with the subgenres of Hip-Hop and Rap, in their “classic” forms and otherwise. This producer will be offering graphics and marketing services through Broot Force Music, as well as affordable beat leases.

Big J The Destroyer

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Big J the Destroyer started out as a rapper back in 2005. He began as a freestyle/battle rapper who had inspirations to make pure hip hop music. Finding that he rarely could find producers who strived to be different, or make beats that stood out in a crowd, he decided to take up production for himself. Once he did that, he decided to be vastly different from what people are use to hearing. At first no one understood what he was trying to do, and then almost overnight, a transformation occurred, and as of last year his style was recognized as vastly different. Artists have realized people who stand out are more likely to make an impact. Now, Big J the Destroyer has taken on pioneering his own genre entitled “Epic Hip hop” where he does his best to bring hip hop flavor, while he adds his own virtual twist to it. He’s hoping his style will be recognized as different, while be lauded for being amazingly done.

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